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 Hurco 5-Axis CNC Mills Yield Maximum Profitability

Nobody Makes 5-Axis Easier than Hurco

Ten years ago, we set a goal as a company to manufacture the best 5-axis CNC machining centres with the best control and software in the industry. The reason is simple: we determined 5-axis technology would make our customers more profitable. Our 5-axis CNC machining centres, equipped with the integrated Hurco control, are simply the best in the industry. Nobody does 5-axis better than Hurco. And nobody gets you from print to part faster.
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Full Support of Simultaneous 5-Axis with Fanuc Integration

A rigid machine that is fully compatible with all CAD/CAM packages for simultaneous 5-axis machining with complete Fanuc integration is a minimum requirement for complex simultaneous 5-axis parts. Hurco has all that and more. We have control features that optimise CAM programs to reduce the file size, improve surface finish, and reduce cycle time. Additionally, you’ll appreciate the fast processing speed and generous 2 GB RAM.

Eliminate Bottlenecks and the Cost of a CAM System

Even if you don’t require simultaneous 5-axis right now, a Hurco 5-axis machining centre will immediately increase the profit margin of the parts you currently manufacture on a 3-axis machining centre. Switching from 3-axis to 5-sided machining on a Hurco 5-axis machining centre is seamless because our control is equipped with powerful conversational programming features for 5-sided--and no CAM system needed. You program right at the machine. It is the easiest, most intuitive interface on the planet.
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Benefits of Swivel Head 5-Axis CNC Machine

The swivel head / rotary table 5-axis machines (SR style) can handle heavier parts than the trunnion style 5-axis machines. Since the swivel head tilts the tool, you don’t need to worry about tool interference with the machine’s spindle head on the SR machines. Additionally, the SR design gives you more versatility because of the large table size. You can add a vice and use the extra table space to finish the sixth side of the part or do 3-axis work.

Premium components, such as oversized linear rails, high accuracy encoders, and an integral spindle, result in a rigid and reliable 5-axis mill you can count on for the most complex applications.

sr cnc machine configuration

Benefits of Trunnion Style 5-Axis CNC Machine

A trunnion style 5-axis machine has better undercut capability because the trunnion rotates +110 degrees compared to the swivel head’s +92 degrees. The trunnion style gives you a larger work volume than a swivel head 5-axis mill because you don’t need to compensate for the space used by the swivel head with the tool attached. The trunnion 5-axis also gives you more torque at low rpm. If you are new to 5-axis, some customers find this configuration beneficial because the approach to the part is similar to 3-axis machining—you are simply machining more sides at one time in a linear fashion.

As with all Hurco machining centres, you have the peace of mind that it is constructed to promote rigidity and accuracy with oversized linear rails mounted to the shoulder, dual wound spindles with ceramic bearings, pre-loaded and stretched ball screws that are also anchored to the Z-axis, and high accuracy encoders.
U Series cnc machine configuration

Our Sophisticated Control Simplifies 5-Axis Complexity

The control is the brains of all CNC machining centre, but its IQ is even more important with 5-axis machining. Hurco has a host of features designed to make 5-sided and 5-axis more efficient.
  • Tool Centre Point Management eliminates the need to account for the machining centre’s centrelines of rotation. Instead, you simply use the solid model zero location. Post the program independent of where the stock is fixtured on the table. 
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  • Transform Plane calculates the other locations for each of the rotary moves after you locate part zero. The control software only needs you to define part zero one time, and it figures out all of the other part zero locations automatically.
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  • 3-D Tool Compensation eliminates the need to repost the program in order to adjust the tool diameter because of wear. For 3D surfaces, machinists cut off the tool’s centerline to obtain a better surface finish and preserve tool life. This feature allows you to compensate for wear without the need to repost.
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  • Tool Path Linearization eliminates gouging of the workpiece and the line segments in the form of XYZBC or AC moves that a CAM system uses, which results in a smoother surface finish and a smaller program.
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  • Tool Vector Input allows the control to compute machine angles and positions, and calculates the angle the tool is going to tilt from the contact point of the surface. This means the part program is machine independent.
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  • Tool Vector Retract tells the spindle to retract out of the hole or pocket along the tool vector angle, which eliminates tool breakage and/or damage to the part. 
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  • Shortest Angular Traverse takes the fastest path to reach the target position.
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Customers Talk 5-Axis + 5-Sided

 “With the VM10U, we went from 9 operations to 2 on this military part. We save 40 minutes per piece in cycle time alone and easily save an hour and 10 minutes total. Maybe even more important to our bottom line is the fact that the operator is running two other machines while the VM10U is making chips,” — Keith Dalpe, EMM Precision.
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 “The Hurco 5-axis VMX30U saved us 4,000 setups on just one part. When the part was milled on the three-axis machine, five sides were completed in eight to 10 hours, including repeated manual re-fixturing. The part is now machined in around three hours on the five-axis Hurco. As only one additional set-up is needed for machining the sixth face, the component is produced in two milling operations followed by sparking.” — RST Engineering.  
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“Our machinists had a week of training on the 5-axis mill and a week on the lathe with live tooling, and they were good to go. They programmed the rear rocker part in conversational at the control.”
— ​Larry Curry, Dreyer & Reinbold Racing.
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“The five-sided software is very easy to use. On our 3-axis machines we had six setups. On our new 5-axis VM10U, we only have two setups.”
— John Gregorich, Gregor Technologies.
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