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Easy Entry to Horizontal Machining

The HMX is challenging conventional wisdom that Hurcos are only for small job shops. Hurco horizontal machining centers routinely match the performance of machines costing twice as much.
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Maximum Efficiency for Medium-Batch Production

The Hurco HMX horizontal machining center is optimum for low to medium-batch production runs. The design promotes better chip control—gravity does the work with chips falling effortlessly.

The unique traveling column provides the speed and precision required for advanced machining processes and it’s capable of much higher contour machining rates and superior surface finishes compared to a typical vertical machining center with a similar design concept. 

The box-in-box design leads to increased rigidity as do the pre-tensioned, dual ballscrews. The HMX has a fast, twin 630 mm pallet system that keeps cycle times short, and the fully integrated 4-axis capability of the HMX allows complex production parts to be machined efficiently and accurately.


The Only Dual-Screen Control Console in the Industry

Hurco is the only CNC machining center that gives you the added benefit of a dual-screen control. You can get the job done with a single screen, but the dual-screen makes everything faster and easier.

  • For example, if you need to edit a part or correct a feature, you don’t have to search through lines of code—with Data Block Search, you simply use the graphics screen to select the section you need to edit, and the corresponding code appears on the other screen so you can quickly make the change.
  • Concurrent programming is another feature that is enhanced with the dual-screen control. While the machining center is running one part, you can program the next part without interrupting cycle time.
  • The control technology maximizes the performance of your HTX machining center whether you use NC or conversational. With DXF Transfer, you send the dxf file directly the control. Edit the program as needed at the control, and check the part on the screen with our powerful verifications graphics system that includes 3D solid rendering of the part with dynamic rotation and real time tool display. You can view the part from any angle without being forced to redraw it.
Equipped with high-speed microprocessors, huge RAM and hard drive, the Hurco control easily links 2D, 3D and multi-sided machining programs with its CAM compatibility.​ The integrated Hurco control is the most important part of our horizontal milling machines because it has the features that make you more productive and more profitable.

Additionally, the open architecture of the Hurco control supports easy integration of robots, pallet pools, and other automation options.
Learn more about the Hurco control. 


Productivity Options

Coolant Through the Spindle (CTS).
If you’re doing deep hole drilling, CTS will pay for itself quickly with increased productivity and extended tool life. CTS is also recommended for pocket milling because you can cut faster and your tools last longer. Additionally, CTS provides cooling to keep fight heat dissipation, which helps to preserve accuracy. Hurco offers 300 and 1,000 psi CTS options.


Thermal Stabilization Package.
This spindle oil chiller is thermostatically controlled ward against spindle head growth. It is the most efficient way to preserve spindle life and preserve accuracy.

Part Probing
Part Probing.
Hurco offers a Conversational Part Probing package with fully-featured conversational data blocks that allow you execute hands-free part and inspection probing, and full support of Renishaw part probing.

Renishaw Tool Probing.
Hurco has two compact yet robust tool setting probe packages for accurate measurement of tool length and diameter in a free spindle state or in rotation. The basic package uses a stylus touch application and the non-contact package uses a laser beam non-contact application.